Save Time

One of Pat’s Pool Service’s top priorities is to ensure our clients have more time to enjoy their swimming pools.  We’ll take care of the maintenance and cleaning so you don’t have to do anything, except relax and have fun in and around your sparkling pool.


iStock_000023324655_LargeOn a regularly scheduled, weekly basis, your expert Pat’s Pool Service technician will be on site to service your pool, including:
CheckGreenFrontSpace.fwBrushing its surface
CheckGreenFrontSpace.fwSkimming the top of the water
CheckGreenFrontSpace.fwRemoving debris
CheckGreenFrontSpace.fwVacuuming the pool bottom
CheckGreenFrontSpace.fwBackwashing the filter
CheckGreenFrontSpace.fwTesting and balancing water chemistry
CheckGreenFrontSpace.fwMaking certain the equipment is operating properly and free of leaks




Maintenance is crucial in prolonging the life of your swimming pool and giving you the peace of mind and time to use your pool year-round, hassle free.  At Pat’s Pool Service, we’re dedicated to putting our expertise to work for you.  Contact us for an appointment.